Custom Furniture

I specialize in building custom furniture to your preferences.  Your needs and tastes drive the design.

Welcome!  I'm John Bernard.  Who knew that playing with wood scraps in my great grandfather's basement shop would lead to a lifelong love of woodworking.

Repairs and Other Services

I remember "working" with him in his shop, banging nails, cutting wood - making sawdust.  If he needed a specific too, he frequently made it himself.  I have carried that tradition and mindset on in my own work.  Utilizing what I have and developing unique solutions to solve woodworking problems.  As they say, 220, 221 - whatever it takes!

I love the efficiency afforded by power tools.  But nothing beats the unique finish from a smoothing plane.  Not to mention the beautiful translucent curls it produces - or the sound (almost silence).

Traditional and Modern Techniques

I enjoy the use of power tools as well as hand tools.  I let the work dictate the appropriate method of work, using my experience to produce a creation you'll enjoy for years to come.

What We Offer

Custom woodworking

Furniture Repairs

If it is made out of wood, generally speaking, it can be repaired.

There are even unique alternatives to the repairs as well.  That is part of the versatility of wood as a medium.


Finishing Repairs

There are a multitude of options when finishing wood.  The great thing is, most if not all of them can be repaired.

About Us

Design and Consulting Services
If you want to build something yourself (go for it!) and just don't know where to start, let me know - I can probably help. 

Complete Refinishing

If you've outgrown that color, want to let the wood shine, or if the finish has just deteriorated beyond repair, this may be your best option.